Set up as a three-man operation, HBE has developed into an international supplier of hydraulic components and oil tanks since its foundation in 1984. The subsequent years saw specialists from fluid technology merge together around the company to form Echterhage Holding.

HBE Hydraulics

HBE’s success is based on the highest technical quality standards, comprehensive advice, and reliable customer service. With a history of more than 35 years on the market, HBE has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of components for fluid and drive technology. In addition to steel and aluminum oil tanks, the company’s portfolio includes shaft and flange couplings as well as an extensive range of top-quality hydraulic components.

From accessories for all aspects of pump and motor used to a ready-to-fit hydraulic tank – we can supply the complete package thanks to our diverse product range. Today, HBE products are used by well-known companies from all sectors of mechanical and plant engineering.

With sales partners in all important industrial countries worldwide, we operate close to the customer. To ensure our quality standards for all our sales offices, HBE employees are being continuously trained.

We take part in regular audits by accredited certification agencies. The TÜV Nord confirms that our company fulfills the standards of the latest quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Additionally, our steel construction is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090-2:2011-10. All our welding processes are also certified according to DIN EN 1090. The corresponding qualification certificates (WPQR; DIN EN ISO 15614-1:2017-12) include normal and stainless steel.

Welded steel oil tanks

HBE manufactures oil tanks and oil sumps conforming to DIN or to factory standards, but the vast majority are produced according to customer specifications. Both normal steel and stainless steel are used in production.

Weldless steel oil tanks

The weldless WLST steel oil tanks manufactured in the deep-drawing process guarantee 100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} leak-tightness and meet high requirements for a wide range of hydraulic applications.

Cast aluminium oil tanks

HBE aluminium oil tanks ensure space-saving warehousing and low freight costs thanks to their stackability and low weights.

Tank heaters

HBE tank heaters are used for preheating hydraulic oil and maintaining the operating temperature on hydraulic units. Online software is available for calculating the optimal values.

Tank accessories

HBE offers a comprehensive range of accessories for finishing hydraulic tanks. This includes cleaning covers, level indicators, desiccant breathers, filler and breather filters.

Bellhousings and accessories

We provide bellhousings in a wide variety of sizes and designs complying with VDMA regulations, the IEC standard on motors or the US NEMA standard with all corresponding accessories.

Oil air cooler ACI

The new oil-air cooler series ACI is an optimised heat exchanger for hydraulic systems. In-house production and intelligent storage of components enable short delivery times. By using axial fan blades of the latest design the noise level is reduced.

Oil coolers

HBE oil coolers are used for high heat dissipation in hydraulic systems. We offer the variants of oil/air heat exchangers, oil/water heat exchangers as tube bundle as well as a bellhousing with integrated oil cooler.

Softex® couplings

The torsionally flexible Softex® couplings are maintenance-free and have good dynamic properties. The drive couplings are also available as Softex® FA flange couplings, as Softex® TL with clamping bush and as Softex® ES no backlash designs.

Starex® couplings

Starex® couplings are used in general mechanical engineering and in pump drives, and as a flanged design for combustion engines.

Flange couplings

HBE flange couplings are designed for an extremely wide range of pump drive applications using combustion engines.

Oil Tanks

Tank Accessories

Tank Heaters

Bellhousings and Accessories

Oil coolers

Softex® couplings

Starex® couplings

Flange couplings

Oil air cooler ACI

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