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ESA is an international reality committed to the industrial revolution for over 40 years. Our ultimate goal is to deliver industrial automation solutions that make the production process more sustainable, efficient, safe and digitalized.

We stand out for our customer orientation, technological excellence, support, reliability e and innovation. Through this approach, we focus on the challenges of the market to bring greater value to our customers and to anticipate their needs.

Industries & Applications


Curiosity and innovation are the heart of technological progress and are part of ESA’s DNA. This is why our team is constantly researching new and better industrial automation solutions.


We design all our devices and industrial software around our customers. We see each detail as an opportunity for improvement, integrating the principles of Industry 4.0 in every solution.


Looking to the future of the industry requires to work to ensure its sustainability. ESA invests in efficiency using safe, resistant and ecofriendly techniques and materials, so as to minimize our products’ environmental footprint throughout their entire life cycle.


Customers are the core of our activity. Our ultimate goal is to simplify their job through tailored solutions and a punctual and skillful after-sales service.


All our industrial automation solutions are based on the principles of connectivity and Internet of Things. This way, we promote the growth of company digitalization.


From cybersecurity to quality standards, we work hard to ensure the highest level of safety for our customers in any industrial environment.


Like this sector, ESA is constantly evolving. From digitalization to loT, we integrate in our products those principles that are fundamental to support the production of innovative vehicles.


We navigate the marine sector across the route of progress. Our sustainable industrial technologies optimize the construction of any kind of ship or naval vessel.


We help companies that pursue innovative approaches to organize their workflow in a more sustainable and productive way. Our solutions for wood processing combine efficiency and precision.

Food & Beverages

We deliver solutions that simplify and digitalize processes thanks to their versatility, connectivity and flexibility.


Thanks to their versatility and precision, ESA turnkey solutions allow to save time and to increase safety.

Material Manufactuing Machines

ESA Automation Motions Control & CNC solutions make the interaction with machinery more automatic and intuitive, even for the most complex manufacturing processes.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Quality, safety and cost reduction. Our solutions for industrial automation enable perfect management of recipes, which is fundamental to program the production batches.


Sustainability is one of ESA's main values. We design dynamic and efficient products that meet the principles and requirements of tomorrow's energy industry.
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