The 2019 study by the German Federal Environment Agency on “Rat poison in fish in German rivers” shocked us. Where does this poison, which is in fish and therefore already in our food chain, come from? Obviously from “sewer baiting” against rats, which takes place almost worldwide. We know from our own experience that this is senseless and ineffective, so we wanted to throw this senseless business model out of the window and replace it with a good alternative. There are already enough expensive traps or bait boxes, but no IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solution. Rat Cap costs little and ensures that rats do not come out of the sewers to the surface where they eat food residues. We therefore eliminate populations biologically and sustainably within approximately one year, as a rat only lives for six months. The best thing is that the solution can be purchased directly from us by municipalities and cities.

Leave the rats where they are

Problems with sewer rats are familiar to everyone. They come to the surface, help themselves to waste and leftovers lying around and disappear again into the sewer system, where they are safe from predators.

To prevent this behaviour, we have developed a product that prevents the rats from coming to the surface through the manhole covers.

The Rat Cap is simply put on the dirt trap and so it closes the gap that the rats otherwise use.


Easy installation

The installation with the mounting clips takes place within a few seconds.
Easy installation

High efficiency

Rat Cap permanently ensures that no rodents can get out of the sewerage system, into the upper world and back again.
High efficiency

100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} reliable

Every sewer cover can be sealed.
100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} reliable

Simply keeps rats away


The installation with the fixing clips is carried out within a few seconds and permanently ensures that no rodents can escape from the sewer system into the upper world and back again.

Rat Cap links

Rat poison becomes superfluous.


Rat poison in the sewers contaminates our waterways.

Fact: The poisons are already in our food chain, because fish absorb the poisons. Therefore it is important to avoid rat poison as much as possible. The Rat Cap is not only ingeniously simple, but also environmentally sustainable…

Rat Cap am Korb


“In a questionnaire survey conducted in 2008, 85{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} of the 508 municipalities, local authorities and wastewater associations participating nationwide stated that they carry out rat control in the municipal sewer system (Krüger and Solas 2010). Based on the results of the survey, the initiators of the questionnaire action estimated the quantitative use of anticoagulants for rat control in the sewer in Germany at more than 630 t of bait per year.

– Federal Environment Agency study on water pollution with rodenticides

“It is clear that baits containing anticoagulant rodenticides, which are not accepted by rats, remain in the sewerage system in many places after control measures have been taken, which greatly increases the risk of contact of the baits with (waste) water and thus the release of the active substances into the environment, especially in storm and combined sewerage systems. “

– Federal Environment Agency study on water pollution with rodenticides