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A widespread standard in pest control is the use of pesticides. Here, pesticide is a collective term for the subcategories biocides and plant protection products. Biocides are used to control harmful organisms, but not to protect living plants. These include, for example, wood preservatives or rodenticides. Plant protection products, as the name suggests, are used to protect living plants from pests. The use of such preparations promises rapid and widespread control success. In agriculture, a wide variety of pesticides are used to protect crops from damage by insects. However, the use of insecticides poses great risks to humans and the environment. Often, treated foods are contaminated with preparation residues that we ingest when eating food. These pollute the human body and can even increase the risk of cancer.

Another risk is the unintentional pollution of our waters. Often, not 100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} of the preparations reach their intended place of use, but are washed away by rain directly after use and thus end up in our rivers. In the example of agriculture mentioned above, crop protection products are necessary because of the high financial pressure on the industry and the need to avoid possible crop failures or crop reductions.


In the private and professional pest control environment, however, there are many alternatives to the use of pesticides. Especially when it comes to acute control of an active infestation or the removal of wasp nests, the use of biocides is often not necessary. Common practice is still powders or pesticide sprays that contain toxic ingredients (often nerve agents) and that end users can still buy on the Internet or in stores. However, if the wasp nest – as is so often the case – is located in the roller shutter box of the child’s room or bedroom and dust is used here, these nano-particles are also deposited automatically, uncontrolled and above all invisibly on pillows, sofas, carpets or behind furniture and thus constantly penetrate our organism via our skin or through our lungs and cause damage. Especially for children this is very dangerous and therefore associations and consumer protectors have been fighting for years to have these products severely restricted or banned. In the common practice of professional SBK companies, these products are almost no longer used anyway.


Frost sprays specially developed for pest control can provide infestation control of insects or wasp nest removal in an ecological and humane way using a thermal process. The sprays deliver a burst of spray at a temperature of up to -45°C. Thus, pests are shock frozen within a few seconds and can be removed afterwards. The process shock-freezes the water in the insects’ cells. These cells then expand and burst. Unlike conventional control methods, this results in a quick and humane kill of the insect. The spray kills pests reliably and above all directly – and not only individual insects, but also huge nests, as many videos on Youtube of professional SBKs as well as the growing order volumes clearly prove.

Frost Spray



For acute control of bed bugs, the thermal method with frost sprays is particularly suitable. Although the insects are able to adapt to cold outside temperatures for several weeks, the organism is unable to process the extreme cold of -45 °C. The insects can be controlled by the thermal frost method. Another relevant advantage of the thermal frost method is that it can be used to control not only the adult insects, but also to destroy the bed bugs’ eggs. With conventional biocides for bed bug control, elimination of the eggs is not possible. This results in many follow-up treatments and rarely complete removal of an infestation. The above-mentioned dangers that biocides also pose to the human body must be considered particularly critically in the context of bed bug control. Bed bugs occur there in areas such as pillows or mattresses.

Praxisaufnahmen der Anwendung des thermischen Verfahrens zur Bettwanzenbekämpfung

Biocides may only be used if strict precautionary measures are observed. These measures are not least associated with high costs if the infested areas, for example in hotels or hospitals, are used commercially. In such cases, it is not possible to rent out the treated rooms for several days. After a thermal treatment, on the other hand, a room is immediately available for use again.

From our own experience, we have been able to accompany a well-known hotel from weekly biocide treatments – which was certainly not a nice effect for the guests – to frost treatments and thus a) could save a lot of money, since they could apply the biocide-free alternative themselves, b) had the infestation under control very soon, since the frost also attacked the eggs, while the biocide never eliminated them and c) could create a harmless, toxin-free environment for the guests, which served the health and recreation of all.



Wasp nests are often removed with the help of the insecticide pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is a neurotoxin that affects not only the target organisms, but also the user and other non-target organisms. Professional pest controllers know this, when in summer after a day with 5 wasp nest controls the head hurts. The thermal method with frost sprays can be used here as well. Some of the sprays are supplied with a foldable adapter, which serves as an extension and concentration of the spray. This adapter can be poked directly into a wasp nest and the spray applied with pinpoint accuracy inside the nest.

Praxisaufnahmen der Anwendung des thermischen Verfahrens zur Wespenbekämpfung

Commercially available frost sprays can be used to control both conventional nests and ground nests and individual insects. The size of the nest is independent of this. On Youtube or in specialized forums on the Internet, you can find numerous examples of huge nests (human-sized) that have been successfully treated with frost methods.

Of course, this method is also suitable for pest control in the private environment, since these sprays are available on the market without a permit and freely for sale. However, it is important to observe the species protection regulations prior to control and, in case of doubt, to obtain information from the responsible veterinary office or a competent pest controller. Field reports show that professional users like to use the product as an alternative and are convinced of the process in the long term.



Our raptor perch is used for natural and non-toxic rodent control on your property or company premises, as it promotes the settlement of raptors in the immediate vicinity and provides them with a good vantage point for perch hunting.

In addition, the raptor perch is a method of pest prevention, as the rodents are detected before they enter your premises from outside.

Best quality

We put together each package individually for you and pay attention to the highest quality of our products.
Best quality

Easy installation

We supply the raptor perch with all parts and a detailed assembly instruction, so that you can easily set it up yourself.
Easy installation

High efficiency

The raptor perch is the most natural and sustainable way to control pests.
High efficiency


The raptor perch is a natural tool to fight rodents on your property without poison.

Raptors, such as the buzzard or the kestrel, feed mainly on rodents such as mice and rats. This makes them very suitable for pest control on large meadows where the use of impact traps would not be very effective.
The right conditions must be in place for the raptors to hunt their prey in the desired area. The perches provide a good vantage point from which the raptors can overlook a large area and hunt their prey.



Where must the perch be mounted?


It is best to place the perch on a free area so that the raptors can monitor as large an area as possible.
Also ensure that the perch is not too close to larger trees, otherwise they will block the raptor’s view.

Ansitzstange Befestigung im Boden


Natural pest control


The use of rodenticides is no longer necessary as rodents are kept away by the natural hunting of raptors.

Therefore, please avoid the additional use of poisonous baits and thus protect the raptors. Hunting poisoned rodents may otherwise lead to secondary poisoning of the raptors.

Aufbau Ansitzstange



The 2019 study by the German Federal Environment Agency on “Rat poison in fish in German rivers” shocked us. Where does this poison, which is in fish and therefore already in our food chain, come from? Obviously from “sewer baiting” against rats, which takes place almost worldwide. We know from our own experience that this is senseless and ineffective, so we wanted to throw this senseless business model out of the window and replace it with a good alternative. There are already enough expensive traps or bait boxes, but no IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solution. Rat Cap costs little and ensures that rats do not come out of the sewers to the surface where they eat food residues. We therefore eliminate populations biologically and sustainably within approximately one year, as a rat only lives for six months. The best thing is that the solution can be purchased directly from us by municipalities and cities.

Leave the rats where they are

Problems with sewer rats are familiar to everyone. They come to the surface, help themselves to waste and leftovers lying around and disappear again into the sewer system, where they are safe from predators.

To prevent this behaviour, we have developed a product that prevents the rats from coming to the surface through the manhole covers.

The Rat Cap is simply put on the dirt trap and so it closes the gap that the rats otherwise use.


Easy installation

The installation with the mounting clips takes place within a few seconds.
Easy installation

High efficiency

Rat Cap permanently ensures that no rodents can get out of the sewerage system, into the upper world and back again.
High efficiency

100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} reliable

Every sewer cover can be sealed.
100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} reliable

Simply keeps rats away


The installation with the fixing clips is carried out within a few seconds and permanently ensures that no rodents can escape from the sewer system into the upper world and back again.

Rat Cap links

Rat poison becomes superfluous.


Rat poison in the sewers contaminates our waterways.

Fact: The poisons are already in our food chain, because fish absorb the poisons. Therefore it is important to avoid rat poison as much as possible. The Rat Cap is not only ingeniously simple, but also environmentally sustainable…

Rat Cap am Korb


“In a questionnaire survey conducted in 2008, 85{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} of the 508 municipalities, local authorities and wastewater associations participating nationwide stated that they carry out rat control in the municipal sewer system (Krüger and Solas 2010). Based on the results of the survey, the initiators of the questionnaire action estimated the quantitative use of anticoagulants for rat control in the sewer in Germany at more than 630 t of bait per year.

– Federal Environment Agency study on water pollution with rodenticides

“It is clear that baits containing anticoagulant rodenticides, which are not accepted by rats, remain in the sewerage system in many places after control measures have been taken, which greatly increases the risk of contact of the baits with (waste) water and thus the release of the active substances into the environment, especially in storm and combined sewerage systems. “

– Federal Environment Agency study on water pollution with rodenticides



  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • No water collection in the box
  • Inaccessible for small children and larger animals
  • Can be combined with eMitter products
  • Integrated indicator
  • Vertical mounting on walls possible




The SWOPBOX can be opened by a simple twist. The indicator on the side sticks out as soon as the trap is be triggered. This allows you to see if a mouse has been caught without opening the box.

A highlight of the box is its waterproofing. Even when mounted vertically to the wall, the monitoring block stays dry. Hence it is perfect for use in areas that require basic daily cleaning.




  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Water repellent
  • EPP material
  • Light and handy
  • Inaccessible for small children and larger animals
  • Can be combined with eMitter products


The RUNBOX ROBUST is a simple, effective and space-saving way to install up to two GorillaTraps mousetraps and one digital transmitter by eMitter. The ROBUST is characterised by its inconspicuous design, which allows it to be placed virtually unnoticed in any space. In addition, the design offers foolproof handling. Using the station multiple times is also possible. A special advantage is the water-repellent property of the RUNBOX PRO, therefore, it can even be used in wet areas of food production.




  • poison-free professional trap
  • effective with bait-shy mouse populations
  • fast removal in case of acute infestation
  • quickly ready for use and functional
  • two running directions
  • easy opening of the trap to remove the pest

Runbox Pro


Normally, mice always walk along the wall. Due to their limited vision, they barely perceive the station as an obstacle. The RUNBOX PRO is space-saving and also the only passage for the mouse. No matter from which side the mouse enters, a catch is as good as guaranteed

Runbox Pro





  • poison-free professional trap
  • effective with bait-shy rat and mouse populations
  • fast removal in case of acute infestation
  • quickly ready for use and functional
  • two running directions
  • easy opening of the trap to remove the pest




Our VANGUARD is the perfect station for your GorillaTraps rat traps for outdoor and indoor use and also provides ample space for pest monitoring. The station can be locked with a universal key, making it inaccessible to larger animals and children.





  • Optimal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Lockable with the universal key
  • Inaccessible for small children and larger animals
  • Expandable with eMitter products


Our SNAPBOX is suited perfectly for GorillaTraps mousetraps and offers enough space for monitoring. To protect larger animals and children, the box can only be opened with a universal key. The station can be used both outdoors and indoors.





Our transparent GorillaTraps rat trap enters the race with a novel concept, in which we use the visual abilities of rats to fight them. Combine the transparent trap with your conventional traps – so the rats can’t escape from you!


Even higher catch rate by combining normal and transparent traps. The lightning-fast strike of the handle with enormous force spares the rodents from suffering as much as possible.

Practical and robust

Made of robust, transparent plastic, high-quality steel and precise springs. Bait detection especially for the supplied long-term baits from NARA.


Do you have problems catching rats because the traps are avoided? The transparent Gorilla Trap is your solution, as it perfectly complements the use of normal traps!

In this video you can see a prototype of the transparent trap, as well as two conventional black traps.

As you can see, the rat runs completely over the transparent trap, because he does not notice the trap. In the video, the transparent trap does not trigger, because it was only placed for testing.


Compared to conventional black traps, rats cannot see the transparent trap properly and are therefore not deterred by the object. The picture on the right shows how the rat perceives the trap.

Rats cannot see spatially in focus and are almost colour-blind. Due to the smooth, almost structure-free – and now also colourless – surface of the trap, the catching rate is increased even more.


The transparent trap is most effective when used in combination with the normal GorillaTraps. Where the rats avoid the normal trap, the transparent trap closes because it is not perceived as such by the harmful rodents.

It is also recommended to support the application with NARA spray. In this way, the rats no longer have a chance to perceive the traps through their smell. The animals try to avoid the normal traps as they are a visible barrier and then they take the path over the transparent traps.