High-pressure humidifier for process air and industrial applications

Flow-through water spray humidifiers have in common that the amount of water atomized within the airflow is only slightly above the water flow required for humidification. The small proportion of water that has not evaporated is not recycled and atomized again, but discharged into the sewage system.

The injection system of the humidifier is therefore always operated with fresh water according to the continuous flow principle. In combination with our certified design and the exclusive use of microbially inert materials, a consistently hygienically flawless operation is thus ensured.

Our high-pressure humidifier Jetvap® is based on all common industry standards. The focus is on the best possible integration into process air technology applications. By using a SIMATIC-S7, a large number of customer requests can be individualized or are already fulfilled by our patented control concept.

Jetvap® can be individually adapted to all system sizes and is always a humidifier exactly according to your needs. Process reliability, control accuracy, and high processing quality have already been proven several times for international customers. The hygienic safety was checked by an independent organization and confirmed with the issuance of the certificate according to VDI 6022-1.

30 – 90 bars

print area

70 -2750 l/h

injection quantity possible


operation of up to


Humidifier with a pump station


high-pressure humidifier
  • Pump type: water-lubricated piston pump
  • Nozzle type: Swirl nozzle with closing function
  • patented control concept Jetvap® modulating


trim levels
  • Optionally as an installation kit in an on-site empty chamber or with a stainless steel housing from Lavair
  • Redundant design of the pump station
  • The master-slave concept for operating up to 3 humidifiers with one pump station
  • Droplet separator optionally in PPTV, stainless steel, or V2A (if required)
  • The water meter for determining the proportion of lost water
  • Pressure compensation tank to secure the freshwater supply in the event of main fluctuations


Areas of application for continuous spray humidifiers, designed as high-pressure humidifiers
  • Particularly economical with low to medium moisture levels (0.1 to 6.0 g/kg)
  • Use in fresh air systems with recirculation or pure recirculation systems
  • Use in cleanrooms as well as in the pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Use in larger building complexes with interconnected systems