basic principle

The high-pressure system Jetvap® – Basic is ideally suited for use as a humidifier and for adiabatic exhaust air cooling in air conditioning systems. With a consistent, optimal spray pattern and the use of a microbially inert agglomerator, we achieve highly effective evaporation. Due to a user-friendly design, the agglomerator can be reused over the entire lifetime of the humidifier. Chemical additives such as silver ions, biocides, or hydrogen peroxide are not required. All water-carrying components are made of non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel, plastic or ceramics and thus guarantee the highest quality!

The hygienic safety was checked by an independent organization and confirmed with the issuance of the certificate according to VDI 6022-1.


Patented regulation – Jetvap® – Modulating

Based on the output specification of 0…100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d}, the humidification output is controlled using the integrated frequency converter. Our patented control concept Jetvap® – Modulating serves as the basis for this. The power specification can be made either via 0…10 V or alternatively via a Modbus. By modulating the pressure range between 30…70 bar, a control accuracy of ± 0.5{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} RH can be achieved in the performance specification range of 10…100{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d}. In the range of 0…10{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d}, a clocked mode of operation takes place based on the performance specifications of the building management system, which means that a control accuracy of approx.  ± 7{4930cfe33f7cd34ed803429a08217069fd466b36889995bd5d1a1e7d037a273d} RH can be achieved in the partial load range.



30 – 70 bars

print area

25 – 2750 l/h

humidification possible



control accuracy possible


Advantages of Jetvap® Basic
  • The simple and intuitive operating concept
  • Low cleaning effort to maintain hygienic operating conditions
  • Hygienic operation through the use of deionized water
  • Very high control accuracy in nominal load operation
  • Permanently corrosion-resistant due to the complete design in stainless steel
  • Optionally available with oil-lubricated or water-lubricated pump
  • Optionally available as an installation kit for your empty housing or with a Lavair stainless steel housing
  • Optionally available with buffer storage to ensure availability
Ideal areas of application for the Jetvap®-Basic
  • Building technology, process air or adiabatic exhaust air cooling
  • Particularly economical with low to medium moisture content (0.1 to 6.0 g/kg)
  • Humidification capacity can be configured between 22.5 kg/h and 1,100 kg/h
  • Air speeds between 1.5 m/s – 3.0 m/s



Jetvap® Basic installation kit


Jetvap®-Basic pump station